New achievements of the professors of the university of Baghdad

In complementing the achievements of the university and occupying a leading position among the universities of the world and within its strategies to provide the best supplies and scientific modern specialties in its intensive persuit to improve the scientific reality and providing a scientific environment suitable for persistence and excellence, professor Dr. Majda Ibrahim Ali al-Bawi ), the instructor in the department of educational and psychological sciences at the college of education for the pure and applied sciences -Ibn al-Haytham- was selected as a member of the editorial board and as a member of the advisory board of the journal entitled ( Arabic studies in education and psychology ) which is an Arabic, regional and elevated journal issued by the association of Arab educators. Also she was selected as  a member of the advisory board of the journal entitled (educational  and psychological studies) issued by the college of education in Damanhur at the university of Alexandria which is a specialized scientific journal. In the same context prof. Dr. ( Nour Eddin Shawki Ali), the instructor in the department of pedology and water resources at the college of agriculture as a member of a committee and a representative of the association of American fields.

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