An Iraqi Professor Invention Draws the World’s Attention Dr. Iyad Kubba controls the Genes and Innovates Genetic Mutation for Our University

Among the scientific achievements that ​​ the university has made is the findings of the researcher, Dr. Iyad Kubba, who just managed to invent a genetic mutation and in a patent which is considered the first of its kind in the field of development of wheat production differently, where he was able to devise a special kind of gene for genetic structure for the class of wheat Iainya 66, which is able to double the production of wheat in Iraq and the world as a whole. His scientific research took two successive years in the laboratories of the University of Baghdad, Institute of genetic engineering to come up with a spurt quality of production and crop yields.It is considered as global achievement at the discreet scientific researches level of impact factor Depending on this achievement Dr. Kubba is  invited to participate in plant breeding conference which will be held in Turkey next month.

The University of Baghdad had been instructed three years ago to provide all the requirements of this innovation, such as providing a standard agricultural field and providing a particular scientific laboratory of gene with other scientific equipments and supplies, to have  the best scientific achievement and the best results , where Dr. Sidky Rzooqi, Director of Engineering Affairs in the University instructed to make  the ground ready  and  be trimmed to be the headquarter of the experiments  of the scientist  Kubba on the land of Baghdad University /Jadirriya , as well as the University has imported the latest equipments and scientific laboratories from the best resources  for  the service of workers in this field . Prof. Dr. Abdulhussain Moet Al–Faisal, dean of the Institute of genetic Engineering also had followed –up and visited the scientist Kubba three years ago to implement this project, which required a special care and continuous follow-up . Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein has instructed and for months to overcome all obstacles to the experiments of the scientist Kubba and his colleagues at the Institute of genetic Engineering to provide their scientific experiments, which he described as distinctive and rare, being resulted from the Iraqi minds which their intellectual gene extends to more than six thousand years adding that that the university is able to achieve more distinctive scientific inventions and innovations and it is about to publish a set of  rare  scientific inventions and innovations next  period .

The Swedish ambassador during his recent visit to the University had a look at this scientific achievement and expressed his admiration and interest.

Dr. Iyad Kubba in an interview with  the  team of our website , described the achievement as an important role in our country due to its  import of wheat  and that this achievement will achieve self-sufficiency for Iraq, where it is able to double production and is also able to achieve a breakthrough quality in kind rather than quantity only , the fact that the deduction of  the University came within unconventional specifications , but in accordance with the need of the market, where  Mr. Ali Al-Adeeb , Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research often focuses in more than one scientific occasion, . From here the laboratories of  Baghdad University made a quality study, after we made a survey and after that we had a lot of field visits to many of the agricultural fields in the governorates  of Central and South Iraq  , especially in the fields of Diwaniyah ” Qadisiyah ” to examine the situations and cases of  Iraqi wheat . We have found that there is weakness in the production and the seeds need improvements, especially since a lot of fungi and macrobiotics representing epidemics that have gained some crop of wheat, so we devise new class by the control genes of seed. We have been able, thanks Almighty God, to change the specifications of some genetic traits to the best. We received the patent and the adoption of wheat class ( Uruk)  which is devised  by introducing genetic mutations technology in Ienya 66 class which is completed in the last two years in the Institute of Genetic Engineering .
Then the Central Agency of Standardization and Quality Control granted us the patent on the technology that we have used for the class. The class of Uruk wheat has been characterized with many qualitative and quantative characteristics that are not in the Middle and South regions in Iraq . We were able to fulfill this through the technique of inventing genetic mutations by irradiation of stored seeds for several years of soft wheat class ( Iainya -66) with doses of certain gamma rays resulting in a kind of combined effect between radiation and Aldehyde ( which is one of accumulated chemical mutations in the seed as a result of being stored) Therefore the required effect on the genes that are responsible of the height of the plant (Rht alleles) resulting in reduced plant height rate of 105 cm to 78 cm in the new class Uruk. Many studies have been conducted on that new class and was published in Iraqi and international specialized scientific journals and in international conferences. It was found that this class is a good resistant to lying that leads to a reduction which leads to a decrease winning up to 40 % , and that this is a good product resistant to stem and leaves rust disease and it has a good response to nitrogen fertilization and its viability of bread is very good. It turns out that productivity outweigh the productivity of wheat classes prevalent in the irrigation areas twice. Recently the new product has been adopted in the middle and southern regions for the advantages and good qualities mentioned in the accreditation certificate. Now special  researches of the genetic analysis that cause shortage  and on the interaction of the enzyme serial polymerase (PCR) at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and biological technology for Postgraduate Studies / University of Baghdad . The research is published in the Journal of the Institute ” Iraqi Journal of biogenic technologies “. The President of Baghdad University and dean of the Institute of Genetic Engineering visited the field in which Uruk transplanted  and was pleased of  the direction of researches at the Institute on  this applied trend.

Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein, president of the University of Baghdad, received the scientist  Kubba and visited him in his scientific laboratories in the Institute of  Genetic Engineering and viewed  his scientific research which took part in several international scientific conferences and published in British, Canadian and Japanese journals as well as in the Journal of the International Agency of Atomic Energy.The president of the university  instructed to honor Dr. Iyad Kubba and granted  him  the shield of the University of Baghdad , the fact that what he had done is important national accomplishment  , especially in this stage , which our dear country desperately needs inventions to  develop the agricultural situation , where gene innovation achieves big achievement by increasing the Uruk seeds in preparation for distribution to farmers to replace prevailing items in the middle and southern regions due to its superiority and suitability for both regions . A plan has been set for the increase of new seeds class in the next planting season.Dr. Iyad Jaber Issa Kubba, is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and biological technology for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad and had worked in the field of scientific research and university teaching in four Arab countries ( Iraq , Jordan , Libya and the United Arab Emirates ) , has been engaged in scientific Iraqi, Arab and international conferences. Encyclopedia of Iraq in the twentieth century described him as one of the outstanding figures of Iraq in the second part of the first edition and had served in the board of scientific research after receiving a doctorate in genetics from the University of Wales in Britain . He began publishing his researches since 1980 in specialized scientific journals in Britain , the Netherlands, Japan, Canada, and Austria He  has discoveries in the field of advanced classes of wheat He is currently working at the Institute of Genetic Engineering and biological techniques for Postgraduate Studies / University of Baghdad .Dr. Kubba has submitted a request to the National Commission for the registration and protection of agricultural classes for the adoption of semi – short Uruk wheat. The class was adopted and granted accreditation certification. The President of Baghdad University, Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulhussein , accompanied by the Dean of the Institute of Genetic Engineering Professor Dr. Abdulhussein Moet –Faisal with Dr. Iyad Kubba visiting  the cultivation of new class and expressed encouragement for such researches that  help directly to increase production of wheat in Iraq and to reach self-sufficiency, as well as  the members of the National Commission for the adoption of new classes  of crops and headed by Mr. General Director of the Authority, Mohammed Zain El Abidine, to inspect and authenticate the seeds. He personally visited the location and explored the developed qualities in the product in question, which represents an important scientific accomplishment  in the record of the achievements of Iraqi scientists. Dr. Kubba explained that the new class needs to be followed -up and supervised by the farmer to evolve for the best  and without care and following-up  the product deteriorates and loses its qualities .The  website team followed up this accomplishment  and documented with  a set of photographs and also met the researcher Kubba in the University for more details about this innovation and Dr. Kubba illustrated this invention through this link.” Click for more details about the patent

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