Baghdad University Celebrates the Promotion of its Creative Faculties

Today the University of Baghdad has its active movement in that its esteemed presidency  cares always and  again  under the auspices and supervision of Prof.Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein Abdul rasul, president of the University of Baghdad,Assistant Professor Dr. Alaa’ Kareem Mohammed, Assistant president of  Academic Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Hussein Youssef  Mahmoud, Assistant president  of  Administrative Affairs, to embrace another kind of accomplishment.

While celebrating the academic promotion of its elite faculties,who have had their creative fingerprints scientifically, ethically and administratively, to approach their major university, adherent to its discreet traditions that remains a title to glory and prosperity, including the Director of the Office of the President of the university instructor  Abdul Kareem Muneer Abdul razzaq, Director of quality Assurance and academic performance Department.

Directors of  administrative formations in the presidency of the university met to celebrate the promotion  where  the Department of Information and Public Relations under the supervision of Dr. Kadhem Moussa Omran, had the  role in putting the cornerstone  while selecting  features of this carnival and others, , so the individual joy is  the joy of everyone.  Our university media contributes to create atmosphere of progress that  the university achieves days after another by getting international ranks in different fields .

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