Sport Force Measuring Device (S.F.M.D)

Sport Force Measuring Device (S.F.M.D) 

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasser Najah Hussein/Faculty of physical education and sports sciences, University of Baghdad


The Sport force-measuring device (S.F.M.D) is a to measuring force during athletics performance and its purpose is to measure the amount of force generated by the athlete during the actual performance during training or tests similar to the atmosphere and conditions of real performance in the competition. Through the observation of many devices in general and force measuring devices in particular we found that the force measuring devices are immobile and does not give the athlete the opportunity to measure force during the athletics performance in complex movements, which makes the researcher designs and manufactures a portable device to measure force and it can be used in Most athletics activities. The Sport force-measuring device (S.F.M.D) works with the actual performance and dynamics of the athletes, which results in high accuracy, compared to the general tests or fixed force meters available. The researcher use the Sport force-measuring device (S.F.M.D) in swimming to be able to know the amount of force deployed by the swimmer’s hands on the water environment and thus enables the researcher to obtain unique digital data in this area was measured for the first time in this method globally. The Sport force-measuring device (S.F.M.D) can be used to measure the forces of punches in boxing and many martial arts activities or measure the amount of force deployed from runners foot on the ground surface during running or the amount of force the paddle draws in the race of rowing and can be used in the identification of rehabilitation programs after sports injuries. In short it can be used in many Sports events easily.

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