Prepared by:
Teacher Dr. Ashraf Saad Rasheed/

Department of chemistry, College of  science, University of Baghdad

Teacher Dr. Bashaer Abass Khudair/

Department of chemistry, College of  science, Nahrain University 


HILIC at present attracted much attention because it solves many problems previously difficult separation problems. It has been successfully applied to the analysis of carboxylic acid, sugar, cocaine in serum and saccharides by liquid chromatography. Promoting our understanding of retention behavior in HILIC increases the range of possible applications of liquid chromatography. In addition to that, Merck is the only company in the production of ZIC-HILIC columns. Therefore, four stationary phases with variable distances between the charged groups (one to four methylen groups) were prepared with capacities from 296 to 790 (one and two methylene groups as charge separator) or from 212 to 298 µeq g-1 (three and four methylene groups) by grafting polymerization on highly porous divinylbenzene polymers. The different spacer lengths and capacities are used as an investigative tool for the retention behavior of the inorganic ions, pharmaceuticals, amino acids, Metal-pharmaceutical complexes (It’s the first attempt to separate these compounds).

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