Aspergillus tubingensis SKA

Aspergillus tubingensis SKA

Prepared by:

Dr. Samar Salih Qassim, Prof. Dr. Khalida Abdul Rahman Shaker, Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid Baqir Abdul Ridha


A local fungal isolate efficiently distinguishable in the production of phytase enzyme was isolated. Its phytase was used in phytate (organophosphate source) degradation in different plant sources such as soybean, and investing low-phytate products in various food industries. The isolate was identified based on morphological characteristics and at the genetic level as AspergillustubingensisSKA. To increase phytase productivity the optimal conditions for the production has been studied under solid state fermentation using simple and available raw materials, followed by a process of purification of the enzyme to homogeneity and the characteristics of the purified enzyme was studied in order to identify over the matching of them with those of other phytate degrading enzymes. Aspergillustubingensis SKAphytase was used in degrading phytate of soybean flour and it was used in the production of low-phytate soy protein isolate.

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