Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Congratulates University of Baghdad

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Congratulates University of Baghdad

  Within great care and growing interest paid by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the universities and scientific institutions of Iraq, the ministry is concerned and confirmed its commitment to assess the scientific institutions and universities on both local and international levels , it follows up the work of all universities and institutions in order to develop educational reality and to improve the higher education in Iraq. With what the University of Baghdad gained of advanced positions with its counterpart well-known scientific universities, the ministry was keen to confirm and reflect the interest and follow-up the ongoing activities and events of the university, so the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Professor Ali Al-Adeeb has congratulated University of Baghdad of its entry in the international rankings as one of the best 700 universities in the world, and according to a text of congratulations:

  (The international ranking that the University of Baghdad has gained for the best and ancient “700” University and with the rank +601, is an evidence of pride and privilege to have one of our universities in this category .On this occasion we can only record our appreciation of this achievement and in turn encouraging you to enroll the best images to represent the higher education in Iraq, undoubtedly this gives a stimulus for other Iraqi universities to enter into a map of the International Classification to match the advanced universities, and we must stand for this historic event to have the Iraqi universities occupied the position they deserve among international counterparts to achieve what we seek of progress in the areas of all knoweledge in order to reach a prominent place in various sciences)

  And to have more gains and progress….

  The University of Baghdad have received a tremendous amount of congratulatory telegrams and letters of appreciation of this great achievement, and also received more blessings and praises via comments on its website pages, particularly since the University of Baghdad has proven recently in sequencing the World with its international universities counterparts, in the assessments international webometrix in July, where ​​the University of Baghdad proceeded more than 16000 sixteen thousand world class, during a year and a half only after it was outside this category. This progress came after the university has made a number of upgrades , improvements and follow-up, and lift infrastructure of education and educational realities with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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