Symposium on the effects of climate change and food security at the college of agricultural engineering sciences

The department of soil and water resources sciences at the college of agricultural engineering sciences at the University of Baghdad has organized a scientific symposium entitled (Impacts of climate change on agriculture, food security and the use of agricultural lands).

The participants discussed matters related to the climate change which is the main obstacle to food security at present, likely to contribute significantly to food insecurity by increasing food prices and reducing production. The symposium included several topics, such as identifying the most effective strategies to minimize future yield losses as well as greenhouse gases and their consequences on global warming, agriculture, land, water sources and public life which present a new environmental map for Mesopotamia, the main theme of which is water scarcity.

This event was attended by the associate rector for the administrative affairs Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hussein al-Askari, advisor to the Prime Minister for environmental affairs, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Lami and a large number of specialists from all Iraqi provinces and professors interested in this regard.

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