Al-Khawarizmi college of engineering signs a scientific cooperation mechanism with the ministries of environment and health


Based upon the principle of implementing the government program for the development of State institutions and for the sake of providing the best services to Iraqi citizens, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abd Attia al-Sarraj dean of Al-Khawarizmi college of engineering signed a joint cooperation mechanism with the ministries of health and environment with his counterpart Dr. Emad Abdul Razaq Abdul Ghani, the representative of the ministry of health.

This agreement confirmed the entry of digital technology applications in the field of health service management and dissemination of joint research, as well as the conduct of joint scientific research in the field of mental health and electronic management through a research team from the department of life medicine engineering and other supporting departments. Other provisions include supporting research and joint studies in accordance with the contexts and legislation in force of State institutions. It is noteworthy that the signing ceremony was attended by Assist. Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul Razaq Mustaf, director of the department of media and public relations at the presidency of University of Baghdad.


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