Multi Snow- White Light Emitting Diode Analyser with twin detectors to distinguish and determine transparent (clear) and turbid solutions

Inventor: Prof. Dr. Nagham Shaker Turki al-Awadi/Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Baghdad



The request at hand offers a complete designed engineering–optical-electronic-chemical system for the absorbance measurements of colored solution or measurement of the amount of turbidity for a solution that might contain or have already formed a precipitate or a suspensoid; via the irradiation with white snow Light Emitting Diode(LED); which contain all the main colors of the visible spectrum which are the blue ,green and the red.

Following as a result all together give a unique mode in irradiation the precipitate as shown in the attached figures or even for the colored solution for a well known standard reaction known all over the world.All the mentioned reactions were regarded as a means to test the capability of the presented offer especially in using a solar cells as a detector for collecting the light which is characterized by high output voltage with no amplification is required or any electronic circuit complexasion.


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