Manufacturing، Assembling and Testing Indirect Solar Dryer Efficient Performance and it’s Impact on some Medical Plants Activity

Inventor: Dr. Hussein Abaas Jabar/Department of Agricultural Machinery, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad



The countries of the developed and developing world are interested in new and renewable energy. This energy depends on natural resources that are never depleted like the sun. Iraq is one of the countries within the solar belt, as it’s a clean and environmentally friendly energy and has no environmental pollution waste products. The indirect solar drying system consists of two separate units. The first module is a solar collector (tubular solar water heater) and the second unit is a dryer (drying room) which consists of a box containing a set of shelves on which the material to be dried is placed Hot air is delivered to the drying room by a fan. The plants are dried by air that passes over radiating with hot water coming from a solar complex with a vacuum pipe type of air.


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