Device of Distraction

Inventor: Prof. Dr. Suad Sabti Abood, Raghda Fouad Mohammed/College of Physical Education and Sport Science for Women, University of Baghdad



Athletics have special requirements when they are developed such as the physical, skill, plan, functional and psychological preparations. The 400 m running is one of the athletics activities that are characterized by speed, strength and excitement, which requires high physical requirements due to the intensity of kinetic performance. Physical and psychological characteristics and degree of complementarity between them, which give  the runner the ability to resist fatigue caused by special loads in its effectiveness and maintain speed without falling in the level of the stages of the race. The distraction in sports is the result of many reasons, especially the environment surrounding the competition such as the public, competitors, the natural effects of sound, lighting and noise, as well as the lights and colors that negatively affect the attention of runner.

The attention is one of the important aspects and has an active role in preparedness and readiness before performance, as the distraction causes poor performance, which directly affects the lack of achievement and win, therefore it is required that should be a good psychological preparedness   there to cope with the surrounding effects, where the runner psychological endurance  creates  the ability to adapt with the difficulties and situations  facing him in his life in general and in training and competition in particular. Focusing on training on these distracting effects  by using a two-part distraction device ,one of these parts produces voices of the public  and the other shows red, white and blue lights . It is operated  a program regularizes producing instantly the influencing and time that serves the effectiveness to create a similar atmosphere to the race, consequently the runners will be familiarized with  these effects so as to limit the phenomena of distraction, therefore  this training will yield  high focusing helps the runner to keep his calmness and steadiness and self- confidence toward the surrounding  psychological pressures and increase  his ability  to positive confrontation of these pressures during the performance stages of the completion of the effectiveness of running 400 m for the disabled, class T46 who have mono-amputation above the elbow) so it is important to prepare  runner psychologically to face difficulties and psychological pressure.

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