Device F & T1 to measure the strength and time of pulling the trigger

Inventor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Gusoon Natiq Abdul Hameed, Duaa Hussein Ali/College of Physical Education and Sport Science for Women, University of Baghdad



The sport of shooting with weapons, particularly aerial weapons, is a sport that has recently witnessed a high numerical development in achievement. The achievement numbers have exceeded higher limit, which led to the replacement of paper targets with electronic targets, from which the results are calculated by tenths and this needs to be very accurate in performance. The trigger device is one of the most essential  and important skills in shooting sport; It is the final result that determines the location of the shot and its digital level. It depends on the amount of trigger pulling power and the method of performance of the skill where the shooter moves the piston finger with a gradual force in the direction of the rear, preventing any deviation of the weapon barrel; either in the vertical or lateral direction resulting from the drag operation. As the trainee continues to train, he regains the feeling that the trigger has become heavier than before, but in fact he has acquired a high sensitivity in the sensory cells of the finger that presses even though the training and this sensitivity has made him feel that the trigger has become somewhat heavy and as this sensitivity is acquired by training, It is also lost with the cessation of training.

The  shooter spends a part of his age training in the development of the skill of pulling the trigger and maintain it because this skill is mainly connected to memory sensory, which is characterized as an initial memory store information easily and easily lose as it has two areas in the body, one in the brain and the other in the driving muscles of the index finger and this is sometimes difficult in the process of sensory retrieval. Note that the pressure weight of the trigger is measured in grams, which makes it necessary for the shooter to be accurate in pulling the trigger when aiming at the target, where the trigger pull is gradual starting from 40-60 g, ending at the highest rate of withdrawal of 120 g. This is for the air gun, but the handgun has a trigger weight of 500 g .This is done gradually, and that any force focused by the finger on the trigger is higher than the mentioned amount  leading to the dispersion of the shot and get out of the correct track so the amount of pressure and training is one of the basic principles of the trainer, knowing that the shooter is limited  to time pressure which coincides with the process retention of breath when aiming at the target . In view of the technological development in training and the association of sports training with the practical aspect, a device designed to measure the strength and time of pulling the trigger and training units for young women shooting with pneumatic weapons is being sought to develop accuracy  pointing to the target by guns pneumatic ( hand gun – air gun).

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