University of Baghdad discusses with the ministry of science and technology mechanisms of partnership to support the educational process


Professor Dr. Raed Kamel Naji, dean of the college of science at University of Baghdad discussed with the Director General of the technical department at the ministry of science and technology Ali Hussein Sabih how to investing the academic energies in Iraq in order to develop the scientific and research process through mechanisms of partnership with educational and technological institutions. The two sides discussed the possibility of benefiting from postgraduate energies of the college of science in the development of future visions to improve the level of higher and technological education in Iraq via the use of scientific expertise and the operationalization of joint work programs with different educational institutions. The meeting also addressed matters related to prospects of opening channels of cooperation between the deanship and the ministry to equip the college with various services, primarily the maintenance of laboratory equipment and the manufacture of study supplies needed in all its scientific disciplines.


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