Linear electro-magnetic vibrator


Inventor: Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Karee Hussein, Prof. Dr. Raad Mohammed Saleh Abbas, Assist. Prof. Dr. Muthafar Fouad Jameel/Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad



Electromagnetism is energy created by a particular physical effect. This physical effect is made up of the relationship between electrical energy and magnetic energy. Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of nature, in addition to weak and strong nuclear forces, and gravitational force. Magnetic power and voltage were previously thought to be separate forces, each working separately, but this belief began to change in 1820 when Hans Christian Orstead accidentally observed that a magnetic field is generated around a wire when electric current passes through it, the compass needle deflected to the north. It was this that confirmed that there was a relationship between electrical and magnetic energy, but he could not formulate a mathematical equation for this phenomenon. James Maxwell, in 1873, wrote a scientific paper on electricity and magnetism. Our interest in this research is about (electromagnetic frequency). Many applications make use of electromagnetic frequency devices in the fields of biological tests, chemical and physical as well as in the field of medical analysis. We were able to build a vibrator to obtain a linear oscillation motion using two coils of opposite poles with a miniature key and two concentric quartz tubes. A capsule is connected to the end of one of the thermoplastic Teflon capsules. The vibrator was used in a high magnetic field (of 7 Gauss). There was no thermal effect on the efficiency of the movement or of the material within the capsule as the frequency was constant and continuous. The frequency of the vibrator was measured, using a digital oscilloscope, through a piezoelectric crystal to determine the value of the vertical motion that can be adjusted by a spiral spike that controls the height and lowness of the spindle micro switches to access the required frequency.


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