Design of a new applicable model to discriminate and measure the degree of consumption of various types of lubricating oils of internal combustion engines using fluorospectrometry


Inventor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Khalid Waleed Salaeh Al-Janabi, Department of Chemistry, College of Education for Pure Sciences (Ibn Al-Haitham), University of Baghdad



A new applicable model has been designed using an easy, fast and inexpensive method to discriminate between different types of lubricating oils for internal combustion engines and to measure their degree of consumption by fluorospectroscopic technique. The study was carried out by collecting the samples of the new and used lubricating engine oils until testing them by fluorospectroscopy along the period October 2016 to Sep 2017. The technology provides a reliable and modern way to investigate the quality of oils without having to be separated by long and expensive separation methods of oil components earlier to analysis or measurement. In this study, a number of different samples of new and used engine oils available in the Iraqi commercial market (foreign and Iraqi-made) were analyzed. This method can also be used to identify the counterfeit brands of motor oils and to recognize the quality of these oils. The above claims and characteristics have been achieved to design this new model by working with high scientific accuracy and great patience in making the new lubricants inside the internal combustion engines to give the highest 100% fluorescence intensity without loss of this intensity by the quenching factors, then the intensity will progressively decreases with the increase of oil consumption as a result of the operation of engines and consumption of new oil, and accordingly the appropriate applicable model was designed for this idea. To prove this in practice and laboratory, the optimal conditions for many variables those may affect the design negatively or positively of this model have been established for the purpose of applying it efficiently and under different circumstances.


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