Diagnosing Different Stages of Breast Cancer by Using STAG3 Gene as a New Biomarker


Inventor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Inam Jassim Lafta/Joint Pathology Research Unit, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad



The studied breast cancer cell lines showed up-regulation of STAG3 at both the mRNA and protein levels relative to the normal breast tissue using RT-qPCR and immunoblotting, respectively. Additionally, cDNAs from primary breast tumours, representing four different stages of cancer, revealed higher STAG3 mRNA than normal breast. In which, a tendency for increasing STAG3 mRNA expression was recorded from stage I through stage IV of breast cancer. Further confirmation of STAG3 protein overexpression was achieved in primary breast tumour tissue sections compared with the normal tissue using IHC. Overall, these data suggest that STAG3 may be a suitable novel biomarker for breast cancer detection.

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