New method of preparation of the Fe2O3 nano-haematite by irradiation method using the UV lamp plunger (15 watts) and some of its applications in the removal of acid and basal dyes from contaminated water


Inventor: Prof. Dr. Ahlam Mohammed Farhan/Department of Chemistry, College of Science for Woman, University of Baghdad



The research involves a new method in preparing of the hematite a-Fe2O3 nanoparticles using irradiation. This is done by irradiating ultraviolet radiation on water-soluble for 12 hours and drying the product at the temperature of the output at 85o C for two hours. The output is calcined at 7000 C the nanoparticles were produced using different techniques, including the infrared spectroscopy , the AFM technique , the scanning electron microscopy (SEM), XRD thermal weighting (TG). The prepared nanopartical use as an adjuvant in the removal of water contamination with basic and acidic dyes used in Al-Kout tissue laboratory, using visible (600W) irradiation , were used in a water solution contaminated with pigments mentioned separately . A number of factors were considered to affect efficiency pollution, the effect of the amount of the auxiliary agent (the nano –synthesized) the concentration of the dye , the pollutant, the acidic function and the effect of the temperature in order to achieve the best conditions in decontamination. For very positive results in decontamination between the absorbance spectra of each material before and after irradiation ( the path of decontamination with the presence of the nanoparticales).

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