Designing Cloud Chamber for Simulation Microphysics Processes in Formation of Ice Crystals


Inventor: Lecturer Thaier Abid Tawfiq/Department of Engineering and Industrial Applications, Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies



Due to the need for applied scientific research for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of atmospheric science / college of science to special devices and instruments to simulate the natural weather conditions of the upper atmosphere for the purpose of conducting various scientific experiments under these conditions and recording the required readings inside the laboratory without having to move to the upper layers referred to and in order to push the scientific research progress in this area and to find practical solutions to various climatic conditions, a device consisting of many parts which were made of various engineering metalic and non-metallic materials, has been designed and manufactured and works according to the laws and theories of thermodynamics and heat transfer. This device simulates the climatic conditions of the upper atmosphere in terms of very low temperatures down to 40 degrees Celsius below zero, which provides the natural environment to conduct various scientific climate experiments and recording readings. The Department of Atmospheric Science / Faculty of Science / University of Mustansiriya has been operating and testing this device and proved its success with a very high efficiency as it was used in the accomplishment of one of the scientific researches in this section.


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