Discussing the Academic Accreditation at the College of Business and Economics

Discussing the Academic Accreditation at the College of Business and Economics

  The Division of Quality Assurance and Performance in the college of Management and Economics at the University of Baghdad held a scientific symposium entitled ((academic accreditation and quality in higher education)) for the researcher Prof. Dr. Raad Abdullah Edaan ,an instructor in the Department of Business Administration, aims to present aspects related to access to academia certification .

The symposium opened with a reading of a verse of the Glorious Quran after that President of the Symposium Prof. Dr. Jafar Al-Dujaili delivered an opening speech which included aspects of obtaining a certificate of academic accreditation and quality assurance by the educational institution in light of the scientific literature and the experiences of some countries in that field. Then the researcher provided an explanation of his research, which emphasized the main topics of the symposium including background of academic accreditation and the concept of accreditation , daily academic accreditation ,who gives the credit and the types of academic accreditation , procedures for Academic Accreditation (in some states) and the structure of self-study report for the purposes of the private accreditation , the model for the standards and components of the certificate of accreditation and quality assurance , the main and sub-axes on which depend the examination of the British quality agency QAA –and its certificate, Assurance and accreditation certificate (Association of Arab Universities)

The symposium came out with several recommendations, including:

    • There is a significant difference between the concept of academic accreditation certificate and certificate of quality in higher education. It is better to check the availability of the minimum requirements at the institution and its programmes of study while the second seeks to provide the requirements to achieve higher competitiveness of the educational institution in its surroundings.
    • The development of an academic accreditation of its basic and traditional image to become containing in its content of each of the traditional academic accreditation, quality systems, and strategic management of the educational institution.
    • Adopted axes and standards vary the in granting accreditation and quality assurance certification in the details of its branches and the need to distinguish in Iraqi practice between the academic accreditation certificate and a certificate of quality assurance of the educational institution
    • A certificate of academic accreditation (accreditation on both sides: General and special), should be a mandatory requirement for all educational institutions in Iraq and granted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
    • The certificate of quality assurance, or what equals it (under another name) is optional for educational institutions of Iraq, and the educational institution chooses who applies to it to obtain the certificate, whether a local, regional or international.
    • The establishments of an Iraqi institution to grant a certificate of quality assurance of educational institutions that apply to it to proceed when it is founding to put a form (axes and standards) adopted for the certification and procedures for granting the certificate, and then operate accordingly.

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