Lecturer from the college of dentistry gets a patent from UK


A lecturer from the college of dentistry at University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Ali Ismail Ibrahim al-Bostani obtained a patent from the World Inventions Organization, UK for his patent entitled (A new method to install orthodontic blockers without collateral damages). This scientific invention would contribute in correction of irregular teeth and improve the aesthetic of face and jaws to a large extent. Such treatment of orthodontics is often accompanied by other collateral damage occurring during the duration of treatment along with the appearance of white spots on the surface of the teeth during lifting Orthodontic implants, resulting in a fracture or fracture of the surface of the tooth, as well as the retention of additional adhesive materials on the surface of the teeth. The research also included the creation of a new material made of substances derived from the same age structure (phosphate and calcium) with acid qualities that can increase the surface energy of the tooth which as a result would help to stabilize the orthodontic blockers without the occurrence of collateral damage mentioned above.

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