Seidlitzia Rosmarinus and the Possibility of using it as a Textile Raw Detergent


Inventor: Prof. Bushra Fadil Saleh al-Temimi/Department of home economics, College of education for women, University of Baghdad


Nowadays many housewives go to use these detergents and especially after the spread of washing machine, which made the washing process easier and faster,In addition, there are some problems faced by housewives, including the problem of exposure to clothing and the appearance of stainsresulting from some of the activities and some food and Furnishings,Thus, some housewives encounter difficulty in removing these stains with chemical detergents, which have a serious impact in the fact that some suffer from skin problems or sensitivity thus to find safe detergents that are environmentally safe andhealthily have the same or similar effect Seidlitzia rosmarinus effective the use of the plant of seidlitzia in the process of cleaning the textile materials. the nature of detergents as a detergent and its effectiveness in the cleaning process and the removal of stains Cleaning and removal of stains on natural and industrial textile raw materials using the plantseidlitzia Comparison of the effect of the plant in the cleaning process between Eight kinds of patches developed(coffee – tea –broth – blood – juice – grape juice – cooking oil – ink and lipstick)and kinds of textile materials (White cotton- Colored cotton – Colorful woolen and colored Polyester (There are six ways to clean in seidlitzia and in several cases. These methods were applied to 196 samples of textile raw materials under studyAfter the development of the mentioned patche..Laboratory tests were carried out on raw materials to measure the percentage of stain removal,percentage of color changedurability ratio(cutting strength)of the mentioned raw materials so that:
-The material of the seidlitzia is a Detergent and disinfectant materialfor stains of natural and industrial textile materialsand consider environmentally safe detergent.
-The colored cotton materialwin the first place in terms of removing stains and the second place was for the polyester and the woolen materialin the third place as for white cotton material it took the fourth and last place with the retention of raw materials in color and durability after the processing.
-The difficulty and specificity of cleaning the woolen textile materials has proved the Rosmarinus seidlitzia Well deserved cleaning without affecting their properties and colorsalthough they ranked third in the efficiency of cleaning.
-All this prove that the herb is a cleaning material that is environmentally safe and healthy, Stain removerand does not affect the properties of natural and chemical raw material.

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