Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent

  Both received “from the d. Hamid Abboud Gabr and Dr. Mohammad Omar Mohiuddin teachers in the Department of Food Science and Technology patented and was about

  Production and Purification of Glucose isomerase from local isolate Streptomyces sp. HM5 and studying of it’s characterizations and applications in corn syrup and pure glucose

Dr. Hameed. A. Jebur  
proff. Dr. Basil. K. Dalaly   
proff. Dr. Mohammed. O. Muhyalddin

Ministry of Agriculture Unv. Of Baghdad Coll. of Agric/

Dept. of Food Sci. & biotech

Abstract of Invention

  A local isolate of Actinomycetes can be isolated. This isolate has a high ability for glucose isomerase production . This enzyme can be used to convert glucose from different sources to fructose which can be used in many applications such as in food technology and drug industries.

The isolate were submitted to many morphological and biochemical tests.These tests indicate that this isolate belong to Streptomyces sp . and designated as Streptomyces sp. HM5 The enzyme was produced under optimized conditions by submerged culture. The results show that this isolate can produce this enzyme with high specific activity by submerged culture . Enzyme were purified and it’s characteristics were studied .Finally Enzyme were used to convert glucose to fructose in corn syrup and glucose solutions. The results show that this enzyme have high ability to convert glucose to fructose in these sources.

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