Improving of Media Employed to enhance recovery of thermal induced Escherichia coli from fresh chicken meat


Inventors: Asmaa S. Ahmad/Department of Food Science, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad


Escherichia coli in fresh chicken meat was injured by heating at 57̊ c. Surviving cells were recovered on nonselective medium (tryptic soy agar(TSA)) supplemented with compounds that degrade hydrogen peroxide or block its formation. Various concentrations of the following compounds were tested: yeast extract, sodium pyruvate, n-propyl gallate. Sodium pyruvate and yeast extract, ferrous sulfate and potassium permanganate. Sodium pyruvate and yeast extract added to TSA medium, significantly increased (P≤0.05) the recovering of injured cells. The rest of compound had variable effects on recovery of heat stressed cells but they weren’t as efficiency as needed. It is therefore recommended that sodium pyruvate (0.5%) plus yeast extract (0.5% ) to be used to supplement TSA in the repair detection procedure.

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