Design and Manufacture of Equipment for Measuring of Noise from the Gears


Inventors: Engineer Ali Abdul Hadi Tuma al-Abidi, Assis. Prof. Dr. Majeed Habeeb Faith Allah/Department of mechanical engineering, College of engineering, University of Baghdad


The main objective of manufacturing the device is to measure the noise of the machinery and equipment and many applications, (especially in the gears including external Geneva wheel is used in our research) through our work will be discussed in detail. Where the external Geneva wheels were manufactured from two metals and no metal to comparison the results. The mineral material is made of stainless steel, but the non-metallic material it is a composite material. The compound material consists of polyester with powder of egg shells with some additives to accelerate the time of hardening. Where is the manufacture of a special mechanism to operation of the external Geneva wheel of a high-intensity transparent material, which was designed by the AutoCAD and then cut by CNC machine and then use a sensitive microphone and a special program received the noise of the outgoing and analyzed works with the computer, where it has not been worked previously. The experimental noise results show that when the Geneva and crank material is manufactured from the composite materials with powder volume fraction (40%) produced a smaller level of noise compared with another case. This device is easily manufactured and installed where all parts are available in the market and can also be used in many applications to measure the noise issued.

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