Design and manufacture of a device for measuring the optical kinetic ability of the movement of fencing


Inventors: Prof. Dr. Fatima Abd Malih, Assis. Prof. Dr. Noor Hatim/College of physical engineering and sport science for women, University of Baghdad


The most important skills in the sport of fencing, being one of the basic movements and offensive in the sport of fencing, in order to win and resolve games. Where experts and trainers are keen to pay attention to the performance of the player in this movement and to measure and test, and neglect of the training in how to measure the optical motor ability to challenge and give accurate information based on scientific basis in the evaluation of the level of players skill and physical. Therefore, researchers have to go into this field by designing a test to measure the visual motor ability to challenge the gun by a factory device and then set the standard grades for this test for students of the third stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Mathematical Sciences. The researchers used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the research. The test was applied to 57 students. After conducting the scientific procedures for the test and its application, it was found to find standard grades for the female laboratory students, and it was concluded that the test efficiently measures the visual ability of the movement to challenge the fiol.

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