The use of Additives with Helical Piles for Mitigation of Expansive soil Problems


Inventor: Assis. Prof. Dr. Bushra Suhail Zabar/Department of civil engineering, College of engineering, University of Baghdad


Expansive soil exhibit significant volume changes with variations in soil moisture content especially in the arid or semi-arid regions. Expansive soil swells to cause increase in volume 15 times it’s the volume in dry state. This is caused dangerous for structures constructed on such soil which lead to uneven damages happened in structures if the foundation is not designed in a properly manager to resist damages. When water seeps through expansive soil, volume increases which generated high uplifting pressure reached 1000 KPA. As a result, such volume changes leads to damages in building, roads, bridges, pipeline and not flexible structures. According to U.S. Federal Corps for Administration Dangerous, the damages caused in structures constructed on expansive soil are more than floods, typhoons and earthquakes. This invent gave a safe way to reach final design more safe, accurate and economical as compared with classical solution. This invent includes the mitigation of expansive soil problems by chemical and mechanical methods using helical piles with additives. The additive reacts with soil surrounding the helical pile and reduces the effect of swelling on pile that supports structure to an expansive soil. This additives used in this study were either industrial products or material locally available and cheap.


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