Using of edible films to coating for potato slice and study the effect in reducing of oil uptake


Inventors: Assist. Prof. Layla Ahmed Fatah, Assist. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Kareem Muhsin, Assist. Prof. Dr. Asmaa Sabah Uhmaid/Department of Food Science, College of agriculture, University of Baghdad


The objective of this study was to reduction of fat uptake, and sensory properties of pectein, na–alginat, gelatein as coating solution material for potato pellet chips during deep-fat frying. The treatments were blanching and dipped in the coating solutions followed by air drying. The treatments were fried at 180 C° and analyzed for fat uptake and moisture retention. Sensorial attributes were also measured. It was observed that all coating treatments were reduced oil uptake during deep fat frying. Na-alginat reduced the moisture loss and fat absorption more effectively than pactein and gelatein.


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