Using of Basic Fuchsine to Detect Acid Phosphatase Bands on Polyacrylamide Gel


Inventor: Prof.Dr. Huthama Razoki Hassan/Department of chemistry, College of science, University of Baghdad


Acid phosphatase is a family of enzymes that are spread in nature, and can be found in many animal and plant species and. Human acid phosphatase has significant effects as tools for investigation and clinical intervention. The patent aimed to modulate the method of Lam in the evaluation of the patterns of acid phosphatase enzyme in the sera of patients with end stage renal failure (ESRD) and compare them with those of the healthy by electrophoresis using basic fuchsine as stain. The study included a total of 40 patients with (ESRD). A total of 37 healthy individuals were included as a control group with match age and sex. The results showed a difference in the value of acid-phosphatase isoenzyme and there bands in electrophoresis. We conclude the possibility of using basic fuchsine dye to detect acid phosphatase isoenzyme, as well as the possibility of making some adjustments for the materials proportions used in the preparation of the gel electrophoresis depending on the type and origin of the materials. Electrophoresis technique are important to diagnose and detect the isoenzyme which support the clinical diagnosis of pathological condition.

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