Preparation of Nano Bioprobe For Detection of Bacterial Food Poisoning Caused By Salmonella Typhimurium in food samples


Inventor: Lamees Thamir Al-Hadeedi, College of agriculture, University of Baghdad


The first point of protection is the application of nanotechnique to find faster , more accurate and easier method to detect bacterial food poisoning caused by S. typhimureum in the local and imported food samples that can be depend in the QC laboratories and at the border ports (customs). The preparation of coated gold nanoparticle (GNP) with PolyEthylene Glycol (PEG) was bonded to the Monoclonal antibodies (Mb) to form (GNP + PEG + Mb) complex , as a bioprobe , for S. typhimureum diagnosis. As mentioned above , the prepared bioprobe was apply to the contaminated food samples, such as meat and cheese, with S. typhimureum followed by exposing to laser light in order to detect and treat the bacterium as a type of new application called (( Theranostics )). On the other hand , the bioprobe lead to replace the traditional methods that used to detect food poisoning bacteria , which take as long as in time as well as the abundance of hands and chemicals for use in these methods and their complexity.

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