Multi-Discs Multi-Configurations Rollers

Multi-Discs Multi-Configurations Rollers

Prepared by:

Assistant Prof. Dr. Faiz Fawzi Mustafa, Dr. Sarmad Dhia Riza, Assistant Dr. Karim Neima Salomi, Sarah Qasim Mohammed


Changes in environment of manufacturing are characterized by intense competition on a global scale and quick changes in technology of process; these

require construction of production systems readily upgradable by themselves and into which new technologies and new functions can be integrated easily, therefore there is a need to design machines that permit changes in machine configuration 1Tin accordance1T to changes in production requirements. Rolling machines in industrial enterprises are specific, produces a constant shape, non-changed that means the production are quantitative and not varied and for achieving a varied production need to use the largest number of rolling machines that are of high economic cost so there is a need for rolling machines with a design allows the changes of the product at the same machine which contributes in reduce the time and effort to form a variety of forms. The main objective of this work is to design and manufacturing rolling machine is capable of forming parts of different wave forms. This will be accomplished by manipulating the rolls. Each Roller is synthesized from 240 disks of different diameters and uniform thickness of 1 mm. by deriving the design equations to calculate the disks diameters to form the roller geometry. These disks installed on shaft and give sine wave shape to the roller. Various combinations of an arrangement were obtained in a variety of wave forms. The rolling machine allows greater 0Treconfigurablitity0T; about 13 different part designs were produced on the same machine. This is represents a qualitative leap in terms of reducing the time and cost required for varied production at the same used die.

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