Simple photometer using Light Emitting Diode and solar energy transducer

Simple photometer using Light Emitting Diode and solar energy transducer 

Dr. Esam Mohammed Ali Shaker al-Hashimi, Prof. Dr. Nagham 

Shaker Turki al-Awadi



The patent intended to elucidate a simple complete spectroscopic system depending on the irradiation of a continuous flow injection cell with three sources at three different spectrum color representing the three main colors blue (at 470nm) ,green (at525nm) and red (at 635nm).Every source can be used individually apart from the other sources ( i.e.; specifically using the irradiation from one source with out using the rest). The whole system covered by a photo silicone detector that covers all the three sources. The whole system is contained in a brass housing surrounding with material ensuring a complete darkness unaffected by external or scattered light. The whole spectrophotometer was used in the determination of selected drug samples in the chemistry department-college of science –university of Baghdad to measure their concentration  and proven it’s efficiency; as it was possible to reach a 10µM.L-1 as a L.O.D. for Chloropromazine hydrochloride and the linear range  was from 0.1-3 mM.L-1at 95% confidence (α =0.05); repeatability was 22.4+0.19 for 0.9mM.L-1  for six successive measurements at 95% confidence interval and up to 500nM can be extended for iron(III).



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