Preparing the University of Baghdad Guest House for Receiving Scientists and Intellectuals

Preparing the University of Baghdad Guest House for
 Receiving Scientists and Intellectuals

   As a result of the urgent need of the University Baghdad to host researchers, thinkers and scientists, to complete the tests and joint research, particularly with the increasing international scientific conferences held by the University with high rates of Foreign Affairs in scientific activities, such as symposia, scientific lectures, the University of Baghdad thought to prepare a guest house within the University to host scientific delegations and dignitaries coming from outside Iraq, where the university is working for two months and under the supervision and direct follow-up from Prof. Dr. Bahaa To’ma Jiyad administrative Assistant of the President of the University of Baghdad, accompanied by Dr. Riad Khalil, Dean of the College of Physical Education.

   The website team followed all the efforts and ongoing work in the guest house and met Dr. Baha in the work field, who has been following more details and check in more at the execution site, where we met him in the late hours of night in the guest house sharing with the staff and workers in the household, in order to accomplish as soon as possible.He welcomed the website team and explained more things about the guest house and what can be achieved.

   After the reception, Dr. Bahaa took us in a field tour of the house, and reviewed the mechanisms of developed action, with an explanation about the quality of performed work, and the readiness of halls, rooms and services that have been planned to host scientific figures, indicating that the university is spending large sums of money to rent hotels or apartments for the foreign guests in the establishment of scientific conferences or activities and scientific demonstrations ,let alone transport fares, food, and to rehabilitate of this house, we are providing a lot of things for the benefit of our university, and we as a giant University ,work like what international universities are doing, most large universities have guest houses of experts, scientists, thinkers, and our university have been exposed to difficult conditions due to the political situation, resume its activity to be integrated, like other universities. We have provided the best ways and services in the guest house, to be suited and endured the university of good reputation, the best and the latest furniture and tools used in the rooms of residence, and provided the latest designs and materials and lab our for implementation, as we prepare the best raw materials for the application of flooring or ceramic and glassware.

   As well as we have provided the strongest equipment for establishments of health, furnishings and bedrooms and cooking equipments, and many other details to secure what the guest needs in our university. Within a few days we will open the house for the reception of guests, who increased recently with the university witness, from major developments in the field of joint scientific research, which requires the active participation of many of the universities in our University.

    We are now doing a study to provide suites at the level of ministers or senior officials of the States, where we are work to provide suites of seven stars to fit the characters at the level of minister or higher, and this does not mean that the suites of scientists or researchers are inferior or at lower level than those of Minister, on the contrary it is not less than the level of suites of Ministers, but it does not include supplements, the characters at the level of the Minister usually have companions, advisors, and bodyguards, and of course these characters need special services or galleries in particular, such as meeting halls or shared corridors or expanded galleries, and so on, so we are preparing for the processing of all these typical services to be adapted and fit in with such characters, as well as we seek to expand the guest house in the future that we are on the verge of scientific activities that are too broad and with a large international participation. The website team documented the work with a group of photographs.