College of Engineering Receives the Chinese company Huawei for Telecommunications

College of Engineering Receives the Chinese company Huawei for Telecommunications

   The college of Engineering received a delegation from the Chinese company Huawei for Telecommunications which is one of the largest companies in the world . A meeting was held through which an agreement was done in that the company is in collaboration with the college to open a training center in the field of Telecommunications which will be the only center for the company at the level of universities and institutes of Iraq and will welcome students and government staff and the private sector for training .It has been agreed on the main aspects of the administrative, financial sides and the college confirmed that it will give full support to let this project see the light as soon as possible to be provided of the important opportunities to train our students with the latest communication technologies.

   The Chinese side said that he was happy to deal with the college of Engineering at the University of Baghdad, and the center will be the beginning of greater cooperation .Mr. Dean Prof. Dr. Qasim Muhammad Doss welcomed the Chinese side, indicating that the Chinese people is a friend of the Iraqi people and always welcome in Iraq, and you Iraq, and next year we will celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of the college .

   At the end of the meeting, the Chinese side presented a memorial gift to Mr. Dean, college of Engineering, Dr.. Firas Muhammad, manager of continuing education unit , members of the Committee of Continuing Education in the College and the head of the Department of Electrical Engineering with the faculty members attended the meeting.

   The Huawei company is considered a leading provider of communications networks for the next generation, which provides services for 45 operators of the top 50 in the world, along with more than one billion users worldwide and the company’s specialized research centers are located in Silicon Valley and Dallas USA, Stockholm in Sweden, and Moscow in Russia and Bangalore in India in addition to the existing centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen, and Hangzhou and Chengdu in China ,in addition to 29 training centers spread around the world to help its customers to study thr advanced management and techniques .It has a lot of projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

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