The Automatic Board

The Automatic Board

Dr. Majeed Habib Faizullah

Assistant teacher. Adaweya Ali Hamza


It is a moving board which moving itself with a wide and important feature. It enable to inverts to two faces by using small motor which controlling by remote to writing by using chalk on one face and magic board on the another face. The board contains the camera connection with computer by using Bluetooth for copying the writing lectures on the board, records the necessary videos clips, headphones, amplifier, microphone, sensors which gives the alarm signal to person beside the board to the necessary distance when the board inverting, electronic screen (monitor) showing the time, date, number and name of the lecture and lecturer. The board can be upload and download by the small motor which controlling by remote. We can clean the board by the roller moving by small motor controlling by remote also. The board supply with data show and charging system to moving when the electric current cutting.                                   

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