Japan Expresses Admiration of the Iraqi Engineering

Japan Expresses Admiration of the Iraqi Engineering


   The University of Baghdad holds range of advanced modern offers with the cultural and intellectual continuity, and one of the most important exhibitions is the exhibition of contemporary Japanese architecture, from 1996 until 2006, which was held at the college of Engineering, Department of Architecture. The exhibition was held in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and the Japan Foundation, The exhibition occurs after a delegation of the embassy of Japan visited college of Engineering, and briefed on the architecture students’ projects in the halls of the Department of Architecture, as well as the delegation briefed on the scientific curriculum for students of architecture , training and cultural programs and the academic activities of the students. College of Engineering has held a ceremony for this occasion under the auspices of Professor Dr. Ali Al-Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, attended by Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi President of the University of Baghdad and the Japanese Ambassador in Iraq Mr. Susuma Hao Segawa, and Prof. Dr. Qasim Doss and former Minister of Culture Mr. Mufid Al-Jazaa’ri, Mr. Mun’em Al-Faqeer adviser of the Ministry of Culture, Prof. Dr. Saba Abdul Jabbar head of architecture department also attended the occasion , Dr. Amer Al-Haddad Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, and a number of Head of Departments and instructors in the college and graduate and postgraduate students. Many scientific institutions and universities also were keen to attend the exhibition, where many of the students and professors of Al-Nahrain University and the University of Technology and technical institutes also attended the exhibition as well as the diplomatic staff at the Embassy of Japan.

   Mr. President of Baghdad University and Mr. Dean of the college of Engineering welcomed the attendees and the Ambassador of Japan to set up this exhibition, and gave thanks to all those interested in this exhibition, then t the Japanese ambassador delivered a speech in which he showed his admiration of Iraqi architecture and art, stressing his admiration at the University of Baghdad and its educational role. the ambassador also expressed his deep happiness of the cultural cooperation with the University of Baghdad and the college of Engineering, and thanked the College of Engineering to provide the appropriate environment for the exhibition. Representative of the Ministry of Culture also delivered a speech on behalf of the ministry in which he expressed happiness of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture for this cooperation, which is considered the first, and stressed that the ministry will work to develop the cultural cooperation largely, and with a wider opening to the Japanese culture, Professor Dr. Saba Abdul-Jabbar Na’m head of architecture department also gave a speech that welcomed all attendees, confirming the role of the Department of Architecture in the development of the reality of human life through the output of the Advanced Architectural, confirming that the Department is keen to communicate the intellectual and creative continuity, and we are honored to host a cultural event with art and architecture. Art and architecture have deep effect on the life of peoples and nations, and that such an event carries such sublime meanings, embodied in the advanced exhibition of the contemporary Japanese architecture that means a lot for us and the Iraqi architects. All efforts have been praised which have sought diligently to achieve this exhibition, which is a scientific demonstration for the students of architecture.

   The President of the University of Baghdad gave the architecture shield to the Ambassador of Japan during the ceremony, and in return the Ambassador gave Mr. Dean of the college of Engineering, a recent book about Japanese architecture, Dean of the college of Engineering also gave Dr. Musa al-Musawi an architecture shield, for his sincere and noble efforts to develop the University and upgrading the higher education.

    The exhibition included 100 paintings offered architecture of Japan, and also offered films about the development of Japanese architecture, and this is considered the first exhibition hosted by the Embassy of Japan in the light of cooperation between the college of Engineering and the Japanese Embassy. The college had previously established a total number of meetings between Mr. Dean, College of Engineering , the faculty of the Department of Architecture and the Japanese delegation, during which preparations for the exhibition , a selection of galleries and schedule of the exhibition were done .The university and the College of Engineering has provided all the support for the establishment of this architectural and cultural demonstration in order to provide an opportunity for the students and professors of architecture to have an idea about the international architectural experiments Prof. Dr. Saba Abdul-Jabbar accompanied the President , Dean of the college of Engineering and the Japanese Ambassador at the opening of the exhibition, expressing her appreciation and admiration of the advanced Japanese architecture, stressing the college continuity of keeping pace with urban revolutions, indicating that the department is working on exhibitions of students’ projects, which are of advanced contemporary Modern visions, she also reported that the department is preparing to set up the establishment of a scientific demonstration during the celebrations of the anniversary of the university and Ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of the College of Engineering, the website team documented the event and the exhibition with a series of photographs.

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