The Academic Year Began with good Indicators and clear Optimism

The Academic Year Began with good Indicators and clear Optimism

   The academic year began early this year at the University of Baghdad, having completed all the procedures and requirements at the University and its faculty members and administrative staff. The academic year for this year is typical and clear, without any political, terror effects as they were in the last years, which had a negative impact on the level of attendance for students and faculty members.The university has initiated through its colleges, institutes and scientific departments to issue instructions early to precede any possibility of an emergency that would delay or disrupt the academic year. The students has attended their classes and follow-up their homeworks, to launch a series of events and activities at the university. There has been a great role of the Department of the students’ affairs which initiated issuing instructions and directions to all the colleges that this academic year would be typical. Professor Dr. Musa al-Musawi had met the staff of the student affairs since last Summer vacation and directed that this year should be distinctive and apart from any exceptions or excuses, whether on the part of students or staff at the university, to have a visible commitment and discipline through the dates of attendance of the students and their commitment of the uniforms as well as their performance of their required scientific, laboratory and applied tasks during the year.

    Department of Student Affairs at the University of Baghdad has been working for months to launch an optimistic and successful year by all scientific standards of the great universities. The department has finished the preparation of all lists and permissions and the review of official documents and certificates of the new students and graduates, as well as finished the lists of evening studies students and provided for the colleges in order to start the academic year. The website team visited the Department of Students’ Affairs and looked at the progress of the work going on with an extremely accurate system. Dr. Hussain Khudhair al-Tai, head of the Student Affairs Department received the team as usual with his beloved smile and typical hospitality .He explained many things and actions taken by the department for the beginning of the academic year. He told us that the University has ended and almost since a month all of the procedures for the nomination of students in the morning studies of the direct admission of the academic year 2011-2012, and completed all the lists of candidates. It also completed the review of the objections of the students and re-nomination, where the number of applicants in the colleges of the University of Baghdad, was more than 10000 students, to compete for the 1925 one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five-seat, at 250 seats for each college of Physical Education ,the college of Education, the college of Media , the college of Fine Arts, the college of Languages. Among testing procedures, the colleges have established theoretical and practical tests for the students, and the interviews of students to ensure their safety. The nomination of the students was to both literary and scientific sections of exclusively high school graduates, taking into consideration the intelligent, talented athletes and teachers within the plan of Ministry of Education, the employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior or employees of the armed forces, as well as the top students of some professional high schools.

    The website team visited many colleges, institutes and scientific centers at the university, and took lots of photos, as well as met many students and faculty members to see the reality of education in this academic year, where they visited the colleges of engineering, physical education, media and fine arts, science, Computer Center and the other colleges, and perhaps the college of Fine Arts with its seriousness and creativity in the academic year, where the team stopped and met some students and faculty members , we also met Dr. Saad Youssef Al-Basri, Scientific Associate of Dean of the college of Fine Arts , during a lecture given to the evening students at four O’clock in the afternoon, he explained that the students are eager to acquire knowledge and committed to the performance of their scientific duties .

Especially the duties in the application side, that need to be practical effort, and that the students are very keen of commitment and daily attendance. I see that there are good signs of this academic year, which will be a year full of scientific and creative achievements, especially we are keen to provide all that is modern and advanced for the students, especially this year, which we have provided its modern educational technology for students, where we adopted the technology digitalis in the training of students, and as you can see we review the scientific lectures on the screens of “LCD” large size, and then prepare them for students on the websites of the college, for reviewing and copying in order to save time and effort of the student.

    In an interview with some students, some of the students explained their happiness and that this year will be distinctive because we are dealing with the best instructors of the giants of art and creativity ,as well as we are proud that we are learning from the best artists who are at a global level.The website team also met some professors of the college of Physical Education, they met Dr. Ali Yusuf, who informed us that the current academic year witnessed a quantum leap in terms of the efforts of instructors and students, the initiatives of students , their perseverance and commitment to attendance in this year, assures that this year will be full of knowledge, perhaps the scientific laboratories, gyms packed with students, with the beginning of the academic year, assures that there is an explicit indicator that the academic year will be superior and advanced, especially that our college has the best faculty members at the level of Middle East, of the giants of sports, as you know that most of our college faculty members are the heroes of the Arab and international championships.Many of whom hold distinguished positions in sport reality, as coaches of national teams of Iraq, or supervisors at the sport school, etc., not to mention they are renowned and widespread in international forums, through their participation in the world scientific conferences. It must be noted that through our pre-two weeks in a scientific conference in Germany, we found great interest for our college and our university, where the press and the media highlighted our participation in Germany with the rest of my colleagues, and at the same time during our visits to the College of Physical Education in Germany, we discovered that our colleges at the University of Baghdad, not less important of these colleges, we found sport laboratories and indoor playgrounds in our college excelled in some cases some colleges in Europe, which gave us high confidence that we are dealing with the students on the basis that our university is one of the great universities, a fact that anyone who follows the scientific movement in Iraq can feel it.