December, 2015


Scientific cooperation between our university and university of Huddersfield

The president of university of Baghdad, prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein met the Britain delegation from the university of Huddersfield for the purpose of the cultural and the cognitive exchange between the two universities and the meeting was attended by assistant professor of the university president for the scientific affairs, Dr. Osamah Fadel and heads of cultural and scientific relations, planning, information, graduate studies and Dr. Suad Musa, the Secretary – General of the university council. The meeting reviewed the activities of the two universities briefly and the scientific specializations existed to achieve mutual cooperation, also the representative of university of Huddersfield dealt with the scientific capacity of Iraqi students who study there and the patents they reached at. Prof. Dr. Alaa confirmed to the British delegation that the university had taken steps towards globalization since it is at the top rank among other Iraqi universities and most in Arab universities in the Middle East and that great scientific and giant programs were implemented by the university to improve the scientific level that we aspire to be like other advanced universities worldwide when inaugurating modern cognitive specializations during the coming years, especially in medicine, engineering and pharmacy to keep in line with the global developments occurring in science. The meeting included exchange of more information and experiences on the level of academic leaderships in order to find the appropriate procedures that result in academic gains, knowledge and experience between the universities concerned. The British side has focused on science and engineering and industrial departments since our university is considered as typical in industrial areas, consulting in engineering and physics and nuclear interactions. Both sides welcomed the ideas addressed and the practical implementation mechanisms to achieve them and the university president asserted that university of Baghdad has great aspirations and expectations in scientific advanced disciplines developed globally, particularly in the area of nanotechnology and laser. The website team and TV channel office at the university accompanied that meeting represented by prof. Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman, editor-in-Chief of the university website, who documented it with videos and photos.

Scientific cooperation between our university and university of Huddersfield

Imam Hussein “PBH” is a reason for boasting and scientific excellence

Lessons and sermons from al-Taf battle are still embodied in every minute and humanity is still lofty in the pride of Imam Hussein and university of Baghdad as a patron of science and humanity is inspired by the principles and the ideas implemented in the academic approach with students and teachers. The university performed many processions and festivals by all the university formations in this regard that represent the eternal reality of Iraqi society influenced by the revolt of Imam Hussein. Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein, president of Baghdad university, in an interview with the university website and TV channel stated that Imam Hussein represents our pride and glory since he is a symbol of unity and strength, so our students and professors are committed to memory of him as the best figure who embodied Islam through his timeless sacrifices as a model of courage and heroism. The fact is that Imam Hussein was not hungry for his pleasure or euphoria of victory, but he was seeking to maintain Mohammadi religion from the clutches of ignorance and illiteracy, so the university couldn’t find any model that can be boasted for such as Imam Hussein in his moral, intellectual and religious vigor, being the noblest humanitarian in history like his grandfather, father and his immaculate mother Al-Zahra “PBH”, so in my name and that of professors and students I declare our pride in him and his father, mother, brothers and sons and I find that he drives us forward in academic excellence and development, being the ultimate leader and that we determine to be faithful to him in building a humane society that respects the elderly, look for the young, loving our brothers, support the oppressed against the oppressor and stands with weak against falsehood, so we draw noble ideas from our symbol that unite us when facing terrorist injustice and tyranny, so that the university can make a jihadist and a heroic stand against terrorism by addressing the appeal of the Good reference for engaging with the heroes of the popular crowd to defeat the criminal acts by terrorists to achieve victory as a kind of love and belonging to Imam Hussein.

Imam Hussein “PBH” is a reason for boasting and scientific excellence

Statement by the presidency of university of Baghdad about the accident occurred in dormitories

The presidency of the university of Baghdad held an emergency meeting yesterday evening in the presence of the university president, prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasoul, the administrative assistant, prof. Dr. Riyad Khalil khammas and a number of university officials about the fire occurred in one building of the dormitories at the university to take appropriate decisions for providing a convenient place for students and to meet all their needs. In this connection the university presidency indicated that the fire occurred in one of the dormitories as a result of an overload in electricity, causing leakage of smoke that led to suffocation for some students who were rushed to nearby hospitals. The university has provided all the necessary supplies for students such as transport and the students can reside in guest house inside the university or in hotels until providing a building for them, but they insisted on going to the university and remained in the parks overnight, though security measures, water, food and blankets were provided as well.

Statement by the presidency of university of Baghdad about the accident occurred in dormitories

University activities:

Selection of an instructor at the college of education for pure sciences (Ibn Al-Haitham) as a member of global journal

Knauf dry construction center concludes its first session at Baghdad university

An instructor from university of Baghdad heads a conference on infertility and reproduction at Al-Nahrain university

President of university of Baghdad inspects the dormitories for women at Jadiriyah complex

Faculty of political science discusses regional and international relations of Iraq in 2014

Ministry of higher education and scientific research sends s a new convoy of logistic assistance for fighters of popular crowd at Salahuddin province operations

An instructor at university of Baghdad wins first place in the 3rd Husseini conference

A new book on specialized translation by an instructor from the department of German language

College of science for women embraces the 2nd national conference on chemistry

Graduate institute of accounting and financial studies participates in a workshop at Huddersfield university



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