No.University FormationsPhone No.
1 Rector Office07760735
2Director of the Rector Office 07781054
3Secretariat of the Rector office 07787086
4Associate Rector for Scientific Affairs Office07787066
5Secretariat of Associate Rector for Scientific Affairs 07782615
6Associate Rector for Administrative Affairs Office07783947
7Secretariat of Associate Rector for Administrative Affairs 07789138
8Divan Director07787254
9Service Director07780981
10Administrative Affairs Director07789136
11Legal Affairs Director07788508
12Cultural Relations Director07786489
13Audit Director07780212
14Facilities Director07787284
15Financial Control07787284
16Financial Director07787250
17Engineering Affairs Director07786316
18Media and Public Relations Director07786268
19Dormitories Director07762248
20Dormitories Services07781028