Starting of Final Exams and a lot of Optimism for a large rate of Success

Starting of Final Exams and a lot of Optimism for a large rate of Success

   The final examinations of the colleges and institutes and centers of Baghdad University started few days ago. Since the final examinations represent an important stage of the Academic Year of the University, the presidency of the university provided all the possibilities and means to make the examinations successful at the highest educational levels which constitute an important turning point for the students,. The presidency of the University makes continuous field visits to follow-up the examinations and the services provided to the students, under the direct supervision of the president of the university, Dr. Musa al-Musawi, to ensure the success of the examinations and to be among the best educational levels. Dr. Musa al-Musawi has confirmed to our website that the university took great interest in the examinations,” we have been able, praise be to Allah, to provide all the important requirements for the examinations within the international standard specifications, as well as we were able to obtain the approvals to provide electrical power during the period of the examinations with the provision of diesel spare generators in order to give the students quiet and perfect atmosphere ; in addition, efforts were intensified to follow-up the procedures of examinations through inspection tours . “

   While the website administration conducting this report about the final examinations, it was found that there are numerous visits carried out by the presidency of the university to the test centers in all of the compounds of the University: Al-Jadirriyya, Bab –Al- Ma’dham, Abu Ghraib and Al-Wazirriya, where Professor Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi, the scientific assistant of the president of the University, who pay inspection visits to several colleges and institutes and all scientific centers, to ascertain the progress of the stage of the examinations; Furthermore,Mr. scientific Assistant, has held several meetings with the students inquiring about the nature of the examinations , special treatment inside the test halls, services and inspecting the conditions of the students; at the same time

   inquiring about the conditions of the internal department students, and services provided to them, with a high temperature period this summer. Mr. scientific assistant visited also central examinations disc and saw the test committees, as well as all classrooms, centers and services for students, checked on the nature of the examination and the students’ commitment of the rules and instructions of examinations, he also focused on the commitment of the uniforms, and punctuality of the examinations, and confirmed through his field tours to provide the best appropriate environment for the examinations. He stressed on the provision and operation of all central air conditioners for all test halls and focused also on providing large amounts of drinking water for students during examinations. He also saw the types of the chairs for students, and make sure of their validity. During his unannounced, non-public visits to test centers daily Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi focused on the printed nature of the examination questions to be clear for the students. Moreover, he confirmed that the questions should be for each student during the examination on the right time without any delay, the fact that the delay would return at the expense of students’ time. The scientific assistant inspected the conditions of teachers and all test committees, stressing the use of latest international technologies in the collection and identifying of the averages of students’ marks, as well as he focused on the use of modern equipment for the printing and reproduction of printed questions. Furthermore, he checked also all reservoirs for test copybooks and to ensure their confidentiality, and the availability of all stationery items for test committees. He ordered to provide the latest hardware for printing Master sheets of the tests where it was instructed to provide an electronic Master sheet that collects all data and processed digitally, in order to avoid any omission or mistake, God forbid , that happens through the work of test committees. Concerning the nature of the examinations the team work of the website met Dr. Hussein Ali Noor, Associate Student Affairs in the Faculty of mass media in the University; he pointed out that the examinations are progressing fully and the central instructions of Baghdad University about the examinations have been applied to the last detail during examinations, as we are keen to apply these instructions to preserve the rights of the students that they get all the benefits of scientific tests to be based on strong scientific foundations; we have the instructions in this regard and we apply them to students, without exception, especially in the application of uniform during the study or exams. We are now working to provide modern equipment to record and identify the test scores and collect the averages for students to avoid any potential case of forgetfulness, as well as examine the test copybooks from the presence of pin numbers and remove the names of the examiner student, as part of a very precise mechanism, to avoid any embarrassment to the instructor who will correct the copybook, where we adopt international standards in hiding the test copybook, and the mechanism of correction and the transfer of marks from the test copybooks to the sheets, and within the contexts of work followed by the highest strong universities, as well as our commitment to provide all supplies for students during examinations: quality chairs that are convenient for the student, we also provide mineral water for each student at the rate of 2 liters during the exam and can be increased in case of deficiency or the need of the student for more than two liters of water, we were also keen to have fans for test halls to provide a suitable environment for the student; in addition , we have printed questions for the students with the latest hardware and secured all the test copybooks.

   We are now preparing the documents and certificates to graduate students, to provide the University with them, and in preparation for the graduation ceremony for students which will be in the 15th of July2011, God willing, on Baghdad University Gardens.

   On the nature of the response of students with exams, Dr. Hussein stated that the students are responsive to the nature of the examinations and no violations were recorded or any kind of abuse of students, all students are committed to the instructions and terms of exams, and we believe most students are industrious in their studies . We expect that the results are of high rate, God willing, this is due to the fact that the students are persevered, and keen on their lessons and compete to get the highest averages. It is a legitimate right for each student and a fair competition.

   Baghdad University had provided since nearly more than two months all the supplies of the special examinations and especially test copybooks , records, lists, and schedules, by the University House for printing, publishing and translation that belongs to the Presidency of Baghdad University ,which has worked day and night and the efforts were made ​​to provide these supplies, and under the direct supervision of the President of the University Dr. Musa al-Musawi and the manager of the House Mr. Shaheen, who reported that the printing House has provided more than one million test copybooks and thousands of records , Master sheets and schedules for examinations. Furthermore, ” we printed test copybooks to Al-Mustansirriyya University and some scientific centers in Iraq; now we prepare designs for printing the university directory of this year, as well as the graduates directory within the best international standards, to be within the publications of the University during the graduation ceremony”.

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