Prof.Dr. Bahaa Ibraheem Ansaf, President of the University of Baghdad, welcomed a delegation from the French Embassy in Baghdad led by Mr. Pascal Ross, Cultural Cooperation Advisor at the Embassy, and Bernadette Cheval, the Academic Attaché at the Embassy. Also in attendance were Prof.Dr. Suhail Najm Abdullah, Assistant President for Scientific Affairs, and Prof.Dr. Enas Khalifa Al-Sharqi, Director of the Department of Scholarships and Cultural Relations at the university.

The meeting focused on the potential for establishing memoranda of understanding between the University of Baghdad and French universities in areas of scientific and cultural cooperation. This encompasses student and faculty exchanges, collaborative scientific research, the organization of conferences and academic seminars, the enhancement of French language programs at the University of Baghdad, support for the French language department within the College of Languages, and the provision of training opportunities for both professors and students.

Both parties underscored the significance of collaboration between the University of Baghdad and French universities in organizing joint cultural events and emphasized the need to strengthen this collaboration across various domains for the benefit of students and researchers in both nations.

It is noteworthy that the first collaborative research between French and Iraqi universities occurred in 1975. Presently, there are 968 joint research projects between Iraqi and French universities, with the University of Baghdad contributing to 11% of the total research collaboration between Iraq and France.


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