President of Baghdad University, Prof.Dr. Bahaa Ibraheem Ansaf, announced the commencement of the Scientific World Universities Debating Championship, the first of its kind in Iraq. The event is organized by the International Academy for Leadership and Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, and it is being hosted by Baghdad University.

In turn, Prof.Dr. Bahaa mentioned that the goal of the championship is to encourage students to acquire high skills in expression, discussion, debating, persuasion, communication, enhance self-confidence, gain new knowledge, and develop analytical skills. He further explained that the championship includes the participation of 76 Iraqi universities with over 350 male and female students. The winning team qualifies to participate in the Arab Championship organized by the Qatari government for Arabic-speaking countries.

He added that Baghdad University organized the competition specifically for students from the colleges of Al-Farahidi, Kalakamsh, Al-Hadi, Al-Nahrain, and Ibn Sina, as well as for Baghdad University students. He emphasized that one of the most important outcomes of this competition is expected to be the attraction of these talents within the province, highlighting them, forming teams in all universities and colleges, especially in debating, and getting them to embrace this idea.

In conclusion, the President of Baghdad University wished all participating teams in the championship the best of luck in the quarterfinals, noting that the teams participating in the championship will emerge with a rich experience that will be of qualitative benefit to them and their university.


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