The Department of Geology, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science, University of Baghdad, conducted a lecture titled “Deposits of Ores and Economic Minerals” as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week activities. The event was sponsored by the College’s Dean, Assist.Prof.Dr. Raed Falih Hassan, and was attended by several students, faculty members, and individuals involved in geological specialization.
The lecture aimed to introduce non-organic, naturally occurring solid and crystalline bodies formed under natural conditions and processes governed by geological operations in the Earth’s crust or below it. These mineral deposits result from physical-chemical changes in the atmospheric, aquatic, and lithospheric envelopes of the Earth.

Dr. Rana Ali’s lecture included a review of the most clear and widely accepted scientific concepts in mineralogy, aiming to keep up with the latest developments in economic geology. She emphasized that technological advancements in the geochemical techniques used by professionals contribute to the ongoing evolution of ideas regarding the origin and formation of certain minerals. This evolution is particularly pronounced with the progress in isotope science, which has significantly enhanced our deeper understanding of the behavior of elements and minerals beneath the Earth’s surface, especially in relation to economic ores and minerals.

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