The Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for Postgraduate Studies in the University of Baghdad held a scientific symposium entitled “Methods of Giving Fluid Therapy and Indications for its Use” by the teacher at the Institute, Dr. “Wasan Abdul Razzaq Gharbi”. The symposium was moderated by Dr. Zainab Hatif.

The symposium aimed to clarify the methods of treatment with solutions and their types in terms of the quality of loss of those fluids in the body and the accompanying cases, whether they are pathological cases or as a result of surgical interventions or famines. The seminar indicated how to choose the appropriate therapeutic solution according to the case, as it included a detailed explanation of all types of solutions and the components of each solution, in addition to how to diagnose the defect and reach the goal to be achieved by giving the drug solution.

The symposium reached decisions to determine the type of drug solution, the amount of solution, the method of administration of the drug solution and the period of treatment with these solutions according to the type and severity of the pathological condition.

The symposium concluded with scientific discussions on this topic and recommended following all instructions and the basis on which the decision to choose the drug solution is adopted to reach the desired goal of giving that treatment.

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