The Department of Graduate Studies Affairs at the University of Baghdad held a workshop in the Al-Khwarizmi of Engineering College, to introduce the mechanism program work “Electronic Management “in completing student transactions for postgraduate students at the University.

The workshop aimed to introduce the program which converts the process of completing student transactions for postgraduate students electronically between the University and Department of Graduate Studies Affairs, as well as it was emphasized that the work of the program will be in many stages and commences with discussing doctoral and master’s orders and ends with following up on the normal administrative procedures.

“The program facilities the communication process among the Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Apparatus and The program facilitates the communication process between the supervision and evaluation body and the university’s formations, in addition to facilitating the process of officially submitting the documents of doctoral, master’s and higher diploma students,” said the Officer in the Admissions and Registration Division in the Postgraduate Studies Department, Assist.Lecturer. Manal Jabbar Salman.

It’s worth noting that “The university is working to overcome previous paper methods for receiving transactions and is working on a complete digital transformation in following up and completing administrative tasks.”

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