Due to our University’s Distinction and Progress Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a Graduate of our University

     Because the university had graduated a lot of students ,it formed the focus of pride.  It graduated  beneficial generations to the society in all disciplines ; for example  in the political field, as it is known , our university graduated a large  number of creators of politicians and human rights activists , who received  very high positions in the communities . Some of them became president of the republic as the former Indonesian President Waheed or head of the Republic of Iraq , Jalal Talabani, or who has become a leader or a minister or some of them became a leader of intellectual movements and the university still supply the society  with the best  contemporary intellectual leaders. Today a new scientific leading figure appears and through its perseverance, desire and dedication to science and the country, achieves a stream of important achievements of Iraqi society or the scientific community. Due to his  active and good role in the society  , the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research initiated to entrust this character greater responsibilities in order to achieve characteristic scientific results of the reality of education. The Ministry of Higher Education by virtue of that it is the first sponsor of scientists and innovators is keen to choose the active leading figures that work according to the advanced modern objectivity vision, to develop the reality of higher education. It’s the character of Prof. Dr. Engineer Qassem Doss, Instructor in our university, Dean of the college of Engineering, the scientific supervisor of 37 dissertations and master’s degree in engineering, the author of more than 29 books between authoring and translation, the leading personality in effective renewable technology , who has accomplished a lot  of achievements to the college  of Engineering and our honored university .


The ministry confirmed that it is renewed and even objective at the same time to reflect the bright and glorious fact of education,to choose the developed institutions to deal with, so due to our university achievements and great scientific gains through the College of Engineering /University of Baghdad during the period of the dean Dr. Qasim Doss, the ministry opted to transfer the successful experience to the ministry in order to increase and expand the academic and applied development.


The University has given all the attention and follow – up to the college of Engineering in order to be at the forefront always, where the presidency of the university is keen to follow closely all the engineering activities of students’ projects. Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul hussein , University President ,visits personally the college during the tests and evaluation of the overall student projects, and also inspects the college from time to time  because of the important role of the college at the university.


Our website team visited Dr. Qassem doss at his new headquarter of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and met him  in his office discussing  strategies in education and mechanisms that will be the essential pillars in the development of higher education in the country. Dr. Qassem has welcomed the website team warmly and expressed his great delight of the achievements and advanced positions of the website on more than18,000 Universities explaining his fond of the University of Baghdad, which was his first university and forever, where he learned and completed his studies in the field of engineering, where he worked and spent the most beautiful days of his life and can not be slow to serve his University.


Dr.Doss added : ” Through my  role as dean of the College I felt that the ministry gives great interest in the success and the superiority of colleges ,especially after our college ‘s ratings of quality assurance as the best college in 2011, and the victory of our college as the best website for 2012 as well as our success in the twinning of our college with the Australian University of “Swinburne” , which is considered an important victory for students of the college  of Engineering.” Dr Qassem, within not a long period had achieved a lot of activities and gains that formed achievements not for the College of Engineering only, but for the university as a whole. Among the most important achievements is  the opening of the broad international training centre of Communication Systems with major global institutions”HUAWEI” telecommunications , which represents the most important and the largest training center in Iraq and the Middle East, for  very  developed potential of training and scientific laboratories , where Mr. Ali al- Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research attended the opening , who supported the project and contributed to its achievement according to the  advanced level in education. Dr. Qasim also  developed college  of Engineering, by restoring and reorganizing  the  college almost radically  , through the organization of classrooms ,sport fields ,courtyards and corridors , laboratories and studios of college ,re- updated all  in accordance with the developed international standards, and the emphasis on the development of scientific laboratories for  all the scientific departments in the college , as well as the reorganization of the data collection for the students according to modern electronic systems , and programming them in the international format , which is in line with modern developments.


Also, Dr. Qasim For the first time has adopted the Electronic submission of postgraduate students, which  achieved a great success, to the extent that all colleges in Iraq adopted this approach and applied it in the submission of  studies, to be the pilot experience in Iraq, and with pure Iraqi staff from the college of Engineering, which represents a challenge to all Arab countries and the Middle East, which are  based in such experiments on American or world European companies  for its implementation, the time that Dr. Qasim doss achieved this through his experience and his good relations with scientists of college of Engineering and experts, to form a mature scientific team who works to achieve the success of this new experience, which is a unique experience to support and develop the  establishment of  an electronic management control systems that pave the way for the establishment of e-governance in Iraq



Dr. Qassem began and paved the way for the establishment of scientific departments and advanced studies including the opening of a Diploma study in Engineering, and create a new partition for aeronautical engineering in collaboration with major Italian universities and get three fellowships to study in Italian universities, majoring in aerospace engineering to be the most active and feasibility department in the Arab world. He  has also contributed directly in the development of the work of the Consultation Bureau of the college of Engineering,to achieve the large gains of university, but also contributes to the development and reconstruction of the country through the laboratories of Consultation Bureau , which their performance has evolved and improved very much lately .Dr. Qassem was able to get the  position  of Secretary General of the deans of engineering of Arab colleges which are  79 Colleges, after he hosted the meetings of the Arab Union in the college  of Engineering at the University of Baghdad and in coordination with the Arab Union of Arab Universities and the presence of most of the Arab countries inthe headquarters of the college  of Engineering at the University of Baghdad .It is  the first time that the college undermines this position, to have the  secretary from Iraq, where Dr. Qassem transfered the headquarter of the first Arab International Conference of the sustainability to Iraq and with the support of the Minister of Higher Education, so that Iraq obtains a new prestige.


As soon as he received  his new position  as a deputy of the Minister of Higher Education Professor Ali al – Adeeb, Dr. Qasim initiated with a  set of new effective measures to develop and improve work by  adopting digital technology facilities in the administrative work to develop the performance of the work,without any reluctance or delay may occur, so as to gain effort, time and material at once, as well as Dr. Qasim is busy and with a direct guidance of the Minister of Higher Education to return  all the scientific experiences of higher education through a ministerial committee that interviews and examines Iraq scientific talents from outside Iraq, which would develop work in education and bring their expertise in their countries in Europe and America and international universities.


We follow companies implementing the projects and urged them to complete the projects without any delay , through regulations and international standards that are followed in most of the developed countries ,as we made minute studies to detect any delay may occur in the administrative transactions , where we seek to develop administrative systems to achieve this .We also seek through committees in the ministry in coordination and cooperation for the advancement of the energy and engineering reality in Iraq. We have come to many of the implementations of a number of events and the performance , as well as  we now have projects to develop the industry in Iraq and in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry , which , God willing, will have clear resonance  in the near future  to raise  in our local industry , as well as we have  many formats with the Ministry of Municipalities providing expertises and scientific talents for the raising  of the reality of  infrastructure projects. The website team thanked and appreciation Dr. Qassem Doss Hassan for giving us details about the hard work of raising of learning, after Dr. Qassem accompanied us in a field visit inspection to see the reality of work in education. A team website has picked up a set of photographs to document this.


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