The Department of Physics at the College of Education for Pure & Applied Sciences (Ibn al-Haitham) has organized an online workshop via the the Google Classroom and Google Meet services entitled (Nanotechnology: applications and importance in everyday life). The workshop aimed to identify nanotechnology applications and the possibility of benefiting from them in our daily lives.

The workshop introduced the fifth generation of nanotechnology, which has been known in the world of electronics, which can be characterized by its technological revolutions on the basis that it has gone through many generations. Lamp is used by television. And in the discovery of transistor, the spread of its broad application and in the use of the integrative circuit and in the use of microprocessors, which revolutionized a huge revolution in the field of electronics by producing personal computers and computer chips, cylindrical desktop computers as well as the fifth generation, usually known as nanotechnology, which can be used to treat viruses and treat incurable diseases such as cancer. The workshop concluded with several recommendations, including working to keep pace with technological progress by recognizing the importance of nanotechnology and the possibility of benefiting from it in different areas of life, in addition to create scientific groups that contribute in achieving goals, beside the need to confront the potential risks of this technique, this requires knowing the characteristics and effects of nanocompounds, their effects on human cells and organs, besides establishing laws for classifying them and regulating their circulation methods.

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