The Department of Biology at the College of Education for Pure & Applied Sciences (Ibn al-Haitham) has organized an electronic symposium via the Google Classroom and Google Meet services entitled (Industrial plants in Iraq: importance and existence). The aim of the symposium was to introduce the importance of industrial plants in Iraq, which are included in industrial textiles and to pay attention to their cultivation to meet the country’s need, as they have recently begun to decline.

The symposium introduced plants that enter industrial textiles, such as wood, cork, cotton, jute and linen, and to know the plant part that is used in industrial production as well as the importance of these plants. Interest in the cultivation of these plants is important in national production and to meet the country’s need for these industrial products, which have recently receded. The symposium concluded that the cultivation of these plants should be taken care of because of their importance in national production and to meet the country’s need for industrial textiles, which have recently receded, as well as not to bulldoze forests, orchards and bushes, where they are the main source of these important and indispensable plants because of their great economic returns, especially in the operation of factories as well as providing opportunities for work for many individuals.

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