The Biological Research Unit for Hot Areas, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science has organized a training workshop on the “Use of Mini VIDAS system for testing hormones and viruses” that was presented by the Assist. Lecturer Noor al-Huda Fakhri, in the presence of postgraduate students and professionals in analytical medicine.

The lecturer aimed at introducing this French-made device produced by BioMérieux Inc. specialized in the in vitro diagnostics sector, designs, develops, produces and markets diagnosis systems for medical applications. This is one of the most advanced and modern devices important for the examination of hormones and viruses, characterized by accurate results and speed of performance. The lecturer stated that this device is used for several laboratory tests for food or respiratory allergies, immune diseases, cancer, early AIDS P24, hormone analysis, parasitic analysis, H. pylori and viral analysis, as well as ELFA (detection of early cancers), which is one of the latest ways that is quite different from ELISA used for conducing such tests. The most important features of this device in its reliable results estimated by (97%) and that can be obtained within (17-120) minutes, besides being easy to use and revealing that the analysis can be performed in a test bar, which does not require any additional solution thereby without any contamination or minimal maintenance.

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