The department of biology, in collaboration with the continuing education unit of the college of science at the University of Baghdad, held a lecture entitled “The role of Curcumin in promoting the effectiveness of antibiotics” delivered by Dr. Najlaa Nabhan, with the participation of a number of students, researchers and professionals in medicines. The lecture aimed to inform people on Curcumin found in turmeric that plays a major role in enhancing the effectiveness of many antibiotics towards different types of bacterial cells, including those that show multiple resistance to different types of antibiotics, as curcumin essentially changes the permeability of bacterial cell membranes and thus facilitates the entry of antibiotics into targeted areas within bacterial cells and in lower doses of antibiotics, thereby facilitating the elimination of bacterial cells and preventing the exacerbation of many diseases.

She also highlighted the work of some antibiotics that contribute to reducing the resistance rates shown by some bacterial types towards many antibiotics, which is one of the strongest current problems faced in the treatment of different types of diseases, whether inside or outside hospitals, due to the prevalence of resistance to many antibiotics shown by different types of bacteria. Dr. Najlaa Nabhan asserted also that it is necessary to look for therapeutic alternatives or expose these antibiotics to substances that make them more effective in treating and resisting antibiotics and that may in turn assist in reducing the severity of diseases.

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